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Queen City Chess Club, South Burlington


The Queen City Chess club exists to enable children to enjoy and learn the game of chess. The club is free to join and instruction is available to new players from Paul Fitzgerald and from more experienced club players. The club meets weekly, in the cafe at Healthy Living Market, off Dorset St. in South Burlington. The atmosphere is casual and cooperative so it is common for players to switch sides after 10-15 moves, solve problems together or to switch boards mid-play. Many sessions end with a game of bughouse. Experienced players are encouraged to notate their games and to use chess clocks so that they can discuss their reasoning at various positions in a game. All children are welcome and the club generally has between 5 and 15 students at each session. There are almost always extra boards but players are encouraged to bring their own boards and sets.

Almost all of the players choose to participate in competitive chess tournaments throughout the year. The Club usually attends a fall tournament in Berlin, VT and a winter tournament in South Hero, VT. The competitive season peaks with the state chess championship in April, which is Berlin, VT. A smaller number of players also make the trek to Montreal to play in a Chess and Math Tournament during May. Players may begin whenever they are ready but our youngest players tend to start at 5. Our oldest players attend high school. The players live in greater Burlington in towns like Burlington, South Burlington, Essex, Shelburne, Colchester, Grand Isle and Milton.

2010 State Champions
K-Luke Fitzgerald
3-Rory Ulmer

2011 State Champions
K-Simon Cafiero
1-Luke Fitzgerald
3-Tie between Ragulan Sivakumar and Michael Cafiero

2012 State Champions
K-tie between Mateo Dienz-del Rio and Liam Slattery
2-Luke Fitzgerald
4-Runner-up Tie-Michael Cafiero and Jack Morgan

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Last updated: February 8, 2011