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Links to Great Chess Resources

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Chess Tournament Resources:

    How to Play Chess (Official rules, simplified, by the USCF)

    Swiss Pairing System (My explanation of how the Swiss pairing system works)

    USCF Tie-breaking rules (My explanation of how ties are decided)


    Beginners Guide to Scholastic Chess Tournaments (For those attending the VT State Scholastics for the first time)


    Chess 'n Math Association (Canada)

    Continental Chess Association

    Massachusetts Chess Association

    New Hampshire Chess Association

    US Chess Federation

    Western Massachusetts Chess

Chess Supplies:

    Rochester Chess Center

    Chess Central


Improve Your Game:

    Academic Chess

    ChessOps Chess Openings

    Kid Chess

    Professor Chess

Play Against Others:

    ChessManiac (Operated by Dennis Steele, a native of Kirby, VT)

    Instant Chess

    MSN Chess

Chess Forms:

    Printable Notation Sheet