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Tournament Results

If you have tournament results that you'd like to post, please send me an email.

If you would like your name removed from any of the posted results, please send me an email and I will take care of it immediately.

2019 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2019 Vermont State Scholastic


2018 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2018 Vermont State Scholastic


2017 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2017 Vermont State Scholastic


2016 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2016 Vermont State Scholastic


2015 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2015 Vermont State Scholastic


2014 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2014 Vermont State Scholastic


2014 Middlebury Open


2013 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2013 Vermont State Scholastic


2012 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2012 Vermont State Scholastic


2011 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2011 Vermont State Scholastic


Greater Burlington YMCA Scholastic


2011 Schoolhouse Spring Fling


2010 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic


2010 Vermont State Scholastic


2009 Middlebury Amateur Chess Tourney (12/5/2009)

2009 Berlin VT Fall Scholastic

2009 Middlebury Open

2009 Vermont State Scholastic

2009 Neshobe 4th Annual Scholastic

2008 Central VT Scholastic

2008 Chess Championship of the Northeast Kingdom

2008 6th Community High School Open

2008 Howe Library Open

2008 Vermont State Scholastic

2008 Neshobe 3rd Winter Scholastic

2007 4th Community High School Open

2007 Central VT Scholastic

2007 3rd Community High School Open

2007 Howe Library Open

2007 2nd Community High School Open

2007 1st Community High School Open

2007 Denker Qualifier

2007 Vermont State Scholastic

2007 2nd Annual Neshobe Chess Tourney

2006 Central VT Scholastic

2006 Denker Tournament of High School Champions 
    *Click here for a report from Oliver Chase, the Vermont representative to this national tournament!
    *Click here for photo of Oliver Chase and Tanya Avilova with Grandmaster Susan Polgar!

2006 Howe Library Open

2006 Vermont State Scholastic

2005 Central VT Scholastic

2005 Howe Library Open

2005 Vermont State Scholastic

2005 Danville Spring Scholastic Chess Tournament

2004 Central VT Scholastic

2004 Danville Spring Scholastic Chess Tournament

2004 Vermont State Scholastic

2003 Central VT Scholastic


To read my explanation of how the Swiss pairing system works, click here:
    Swiss Pairing System

To read my explanation of how ties are decided, click here:

    USCF Tie-breaking rules