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2007 2nd Annual Neshobe Chess Tourney

Brandon, VT

A message from the Tournament Director...

"THANK YOU!  On behalf of the Neshobe Chess Club at Neshobe School in Brandon, Vermont, I would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the many Vermonters who helped make the 2nd Annual Neshobe Chess Tournament a great success.  37 players (almost twice as many as last year) from as far away as Royalton, and their families, visited Neshobe School on Saturday, March 24th for a great day of chess.

  • To the staff, administrators, PTO, and volunteers at Neshobe School who all pitched in from lending their expertise, rooms, or time to this event.
  • To our high school and college age room monitors, who volunteered their day to supervise our sections.
  • To Jim Sherwin, who's hand made wooden chess board attracted much interest through the day, and is being raffled off June 1st to support Neshobe School Chess Club activities.
  • To the Rutland Chess Club, who donated our trophies this year.
  • To Chess Coaches throughout Addison and Rutland counties (and beyond!) who coach their kids each week and encourage them  to attend our tournament.
  • And finally, to all of our participants and their families who support them.  They all saw first-hand the tournament's motto in action: "Chess for Success!"

Thank you all, and see you next year!"

                --  Philip Keyes
                     Tournament Co-director



Section A: Grade K-2
#     Name
1     Ethan Kerney
2     Brendan Crossman
3     Rex-Al Bautista
4     Wilson Worn
5     Collin Parker
6     Hannah Robert
7     Nicholas Cratky
8     Benjamin Jerome
9     Noah Crossman

Section B: Grade 3-4
#     Name
1     Carson Leary
2     Andrew Jerome
3     Kyra Traska
4     Sally Hogan 
5     Lennon Philo
6     Kyle Anagnas
7     Stephen Anderson
8     Isaac Roberts
9     Erica Hathaway
10    Liam Noonan
11    Sam Berk
12    Emmett Thurston

Section C: Grade 5-6
#     Name
1     David Burt
2     James Hare
3     Ronnie Metcalf
4     Chris Keyes
5     Guthrie Collions
6     Cole Harrington
7     Justin Ives
8     David Johnson
9     Eli Roy
10    Cody Gutzmann
11    Eli Karren
12    Alex Berk
13    Connor Noonan     
14    Elyas O'Classen
15    Austin Worn
16    David Perry