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Schoolhouse Spring Fling


Ten students from across the region met on Saturday to match wits at the Spring Fling Chess Tournament, hosted by the Schoolhouse in South Burlington. This was the first tournament hosted by the Schoolhouse, which promotes chess throughout the day and as part of the after-school program.  Additionally, many of the players have been meeting weekly at the cafe in Healthy Living on Saturday’s from 10-11:30 AM. Paul Fitzgerald, of South Burlington, created the program in partnership with the Schoolhouse and with Healthy Living, to promote scholastic chess. The public is invited but please contact Paul ( before attending to verify that the club is not traveling and that enough materials are available for all of the players.


South Burlington residents performed with distinction, including Luke Fitzgerald who won the gold for first grade and finished third overall. Ryan Anderson earned silver in third grade and Kian earned a bronze in third grade. 


Burlington resident Jake Shane earned gold in second grade. Hinesburg residents also shined.  Miro Gohacki earned a bronze in second grade whereas Myles Peterson earned a silver in first grade. The boys shared an award for a creative “stalemate”.


Quinn Pidgeon of South Hero, won the gold medal in third grade and finished second with a record of 2-1. Quinn also won the “best game” award for an forty minute game, which he won by promoting a pawn after a rook exchange. Zac Hinds, of Grand Isle, won gold in fourth grade and won the overall tournament with a perfect record of 3-0. C.C. Hinds finished in fourth place for first grade and won the ‘best draw” award.


Colchester resident Kayli Carson earned distinction through her use of the en passant maneuver and for a three-fold repetition draw. She earned  bronze on second grade.


The players each left with a medal and paper plate award, which was based on complements given from the players toward one another upon the completion of each game. Paul was particularly impressed with the level of play because there were very few stalemates despite a large number of draws. Additionally, several games exceeded a half hour with continuous play and rigorous exchanges.


The Folsom Chess club will host a tournament in South Hero on 3/19.  The public is welcome. Players may pre-register with Paul at the email above. Registration will run between 9 and 9:30 AM and the suggested donation is $5-$10 per player. There will be three rounds, with swiss pairings. Awards will be guaranteed to all players who preregister.